Open Heaven Devotion

  • 27 Mar 2022


MEMORISE: The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother. Proverbs 10:1 

READ: 1 Kings 3:16 -21

16 Then came there two women, that were harlots, unto the king, and stood before him.

17 And the one woman said, O my lord, I and this woman dwell in one house; and I was delivered of a child with her in the house.

18 And it came to pass the third day after that I was delivered, that this woman was delivered also: and we were together; there was no stranger with us in the house, save we two in the house.

19 And this woman's child died in the night; because she overlaid it.

20 And she arose at midnight, and took my son from beside me, while thine handmaid slept, and laid it in her bosom, and laid her dead child in my bosom.

21 And when I rose in the morning to give my child suck, behold, it was dead: but when I had considered it in the morning, behold, it was not my son, which I did bear.


Today is Mother's Day and I pray that for every mother, your labour of love over your children will not go unrewarded in Jesus name. Mothers are very special people because of how passionate they are about their children. I have always said it: I am where I am today because of the grace of God and the prayers of my mother. The prayers she constantly used to say then was that many others would respond when I called  on one person. In other words, her prayer was that I would be so influential that everyone would want to answer when I called.

A mother that does her duties right will set her children on the part towards fulfilling God's plan for their lives. In Matthew 20:20-21,  the mother of James and John came to plead with Jesus that her children should be seated beside Him heaven; it's no wonder these two were among the three closest to Jesus when He was on earth.

Mothers are pivotal to the fulfillment of destinies of their children. It is however unfortunate that many mothers are so carried away by the things of this world that they forget their role in interceding for thief children.

In our Bible reading today, one mother was sleeping so deeply that she killed her own baby.The other was also sleeping so deeply that her child was exchanged right under her nose without her knowledge. Thank God she awoke to fight back for her child. This tells us that if a mother is sleeping spiritually, she could kill her own children. If she is not prayerful and does not invest her time in raising them diligently, their destinies could be truncated right under their her watch. When a mother would rather sleep than pray at night for her children, she is indirectly killing their destinies.

I pray that a generation of mothers would arise- a generation that would not take with levity the destinies of their children, a generation that would commit to ensuring that their children live to fulfill God's plan for their lives. 

Mothers, awake and prayerfully fight for the actualization of your children's destinies.


Mothers are pivotal to the success or otherwise of their children

BiBLE IN ONE YEAR: 1 Samuel 15-17


Now thank we all our God

with heart and hands and voices,

who wondrous things has done,

in whom his world rejoices;

who from our mothers' arms

has blessed us on our way

with countless gifts of love,

and still is ours today.

2 O may this bounteous God

through all our life be near us,

with ever joyful hearts

and blessed peace to cheer us,

to keep us in his grace,

and guide us when perplexed,

and free us from all ills

of this world in the next.

3 All praise and thanks to God

the Father now be given,

the Son and Spirit blest,

who reign in highest heaven

the one eternal God,

whom heaven and earth adore;

for thus it was, is now,

and shall be evermore.